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Jean Todt talks about his latest visits to Michael Schumacher

The former FIA president and Ferrari team boss during the Michael Schumacher years has kept the former Formula 1 seven-time champion secret from the German media.

Jean Todt, the former boss of Ferrari, has revealed that Michael Schumacher, who suffered a serious skiing accident, has not lost his passion for cars. On 29 December 2013, the seven-time Formula One world champion suffered a horrific fall while skiing, falling on a patch of ice before hitting his head on a rock. Today, little is known about Michael Schumacher’s condition, although some privileged people still visit him, including Todd.

“I don’t miss Michael, I see him. But of course, what I miss is what we used to do together,” Todt said in an interview with German TV channel NTV.

“It’s true that I still watch F1 races with him.”

And if you spend time with the seven-time world champion, you will also spend time with your family, he confirmed “Michael is […] very special,” she said.

“Karina, Mick and Gina have become very special to me. They have all become family to me, my wife and my son.

On 21 July, while Corina Schumacher and her daughter Gina were accepting the North Rhine-Westphalia state award for Michael, Corina apparently fainted and collapsed in front of the crowd standing for the driver.

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