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Iran Expressed Readiness to Continue Nuclear Talks –

Joseph Borrell talks with Foreign Minister Hussein Amir-Abdullahian in the Iranian capital. According to a press statement, Borel’s main objective was to “increase the current momentum and break the stalemate in the JCPOA negotiations.”

“Since February, we have been living in a different world,” the EU foreign policy chief explained, referring to Russia’s war against Ukraine. According to Borel, establishing a “landmark agreement” is now more important than ever. Borrell further stressed that the world now needs “security and stability”.

However, Iranian Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to resume nuclear talks in the coming days. Joseph Borel described his visit as “a positive meeting” as both sides decided to resume “negotiations with the Iranians” in the coming days.

Stagnant talks between Iran and the West

Widely reported, the goal is to return to the 2015 agreement that reached between Iran on the one hand and China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States on the other. The goal was to significantly limit Iran’s nuclear program.

However, the discussion came to a halt for various reasons. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has also stalled talks, as reports. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also recently visited Tehran to strengthen bilateral ties between the two Western-backed countries, as reported by

However, according to, the main reason for the stalemate is the disagreement between Tehran and Washington over the status of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The Guards have been on the list of terrorist organizations in the United States for several years.

Borrell added, however, that Tehran and Washington must “resolve the last unresolved issues” and make a decision. He said an agreement is important worldwide.

The International Atomic Energy Agency recently warned that it would take just a few weeks to build the raw material for Iran’s atomic bomb, as reported. The United States and the European Union are concerned about Iran’s nuclear technology. Many in the West fear that Iran wants to build a nuclear weapon.

On the other hand, Tehran has repeatedly insisted that it will use nuclear technology only for peaceful purposes. The purpose of the agreement is to significantly limit the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. In return, they promised to lift the ban.

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