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iProov sees biometrics as a solution to travel bottlenecks

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As the travel season begins, consumers are ready to take to the skies for a relaxing vacation. The problem? going there

A new consumer survey released by iProov, a world leader in biometric face authentication technology, found that passengers do not find the airport check-in process to be a comfortable first step to a destination. In fact, most surveyed would prefer to streamline the process of going straight from the couch to the gate in as few steps as possible.

Eighty-five percent of 16,000 respondents from eight countries would use or consider a ticket/ID check from home. Furthermore, 70 percent of respondents said the first leg of the journey — waiting in long check-in lines — was the most annoying part of the trip.

So, how can airports and airlines reduce travel disruptions by using check-from-home services to make the travel experience more convenient for consumers? Secure remote verification technology enables travelers to complete their ticket and ID checks from their homes, so they don’t need to do it at the airport. Key to this process is facial biometric verification and authentication.

“Secure Verification technology enables travelers to complete their ticket and ID check from the comfort of their own home, so they don’t need to do it at the airport,” said Andrew Budd, founder and CEO of iProov. “Facial biometric verification and authentication is key to this process. Face verification has already proven to be a secure and accessible solution for many applications and processes—for example, 30 percent of customers already use face verification to access their mobile banking apps. We have shown that online face verification can be applied to improve the consumer travel experience, making life easier for travelers and operators around the world.”

iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance® offers a short, passive face scan that ensures a remote traveler is the right person, matching a trusted identity document and ticket. The technology also verifies that the user is a real person and not an impersonation attack using a picture or mask and that they are authenticating in real time. At the airport, a traveler’s face is their ticket when passing through biometric corridors and authenticating their identity.

This technology solution is not unique to the airline industry and can be applied to eliminate check-in barriers for other forms of travel, including trains, cruise ships, car rentals and more. In fact, earlier this year, iProov partnered with Eurostar for a successful trial of SmartCheck, a remote fast-track service, showing that the future of travel isn’t so far off.
To learn more about iProov and the future of travel, please visit the Biometric Travel & Check-in section of its website.


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