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International news brief: Proposed gun laws in NY include social media check


oi- Madhuri Adnal


Published: Saturday, July 2, 2022, 10:35 [IST]

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Washington: July 02:
The New York Legislature on Friday approved a clear overhaul of state handgun licensing rules, seeking to protect some of the limits of firearms following a Supreme Court ruling that most people have the right to carry a handgun for personal protection.

International News Brief: The proposed gun law in NY includes social media checks

New York’s proposed gun law includes a ‘character and behavior’ social media check

People applying for a handgun license in New York will have to launch a list of their social media accounts so that officials can verify their “character and behavior” under a bill considered by the state legislature on Friday. The provision was part of a proposed redesign of the state’s firearms licensing law that was made by lawmakers when the U.S. Supreme Court strictly restricted rules that could allow them to carry handguns outside their homes.

12 US Congressmen urge Biden to hold India accountable in WTO for ‘trade-distorted practice’

A group of U.S. lawmakers has called on President Joe Biden to file a formal request to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for consultations with India over his “dangerous trade-offs.” The 12 congressmen said in a letter to Biden that current WTO rules allow governments to subsidize up to 10 percent of the cost of producing goods. However, the Indian government has continued to subsidize more than half of the production price for a number of products, including rice and wheat, they said.

Monkeypox triples in Europe, WHO says Africa concerned

The European head of the World Health Organization warned Friday that the incidence of monkeypox in the region has tripled in the past two weeks and called on countries to do more to ensure the former rare disease does not enter the continent.

And the African Health Authority says it is considering a growing monkeypox outbreak as urgent, urging rich countries to share limited vaccine supplies to avoid equity problems during the COVID-19 epidemic.

At least five people have been killed in a powerful earthquake in southern Iran

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake shook southern Iran on Saturday, killing at least five people and injuring 44, state television reported. Rescue teams have been deployed near the center, the village of Sayeh Khosh, which is home to about 300 people in the province of Hormozgan, about 1,000 kilometers away. 620 miles south of the capital Tehran), the report said.

On parole, Pistorius meets the girlfriend’s father

Former South African track star Oscar Pistorius Riva met with Steinkamp’s father, the woman he shot dead in 2013, as part of his parole process, Steinkamp’s family lawyer told the Associated Press on Friday. Lawyer Tania Cohen said in a text message that Pistorius and Barry Steinkamp met on June 22 in what is known as part of the hunting-crime dialogue in South Africa. This allows victims of crime or their relatives to meet with offenders, if they choose, before the offender qualifies for parole.

Story first published: Saturday, July 2, 2022, 10:35 [IST]

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