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Indri-Trini, India’s Newest Single Malt, Strikes Gold Again

Indri-Trini, a remarkable single malt at the home of the Piccadilly Distillery, has emerged as one of the best and unrivaled spirits in the world. Launched in 2022, Indri has gained prestigious recognition and fame in the Indian and international markets. In the 13th edition of the International Whiskey Competition, one of the world’s most famous whiskey competitions, Indri-Trini won a gold medal in the 2022 Best Indian Single Malt category.

Despite its obscure source, a single malt contains all of a fine drink. Located on the banks of the Jamuna River, access to glacial water from the Himalayas and the climate of this region allow the malt inside the barrel to mature naturally quickly. Experiments with spirits and wooden barrels also give the senses a sweet tropical taste and rich natural color.

Single malt, in addition to naming a village, also refers to a Sanskrit word indris, which means five senses. The term trini refers to three wooden barrels where malt matures – first bourbon, former French wine and PX sherry barrel. It is brewed using traditional Indian 6 rows of barley, matured in selected barrels and blended carefully to extract the individual contribution of each wood without imprinting the profile of the original whiskey.

Mild warmth and spicy undercurrents, including black tea, caramelized pineapple and hints of a whiff of oak from the barrel, allow each flavor to compliment each other without impressing a profile. To all single malt enthusiasts, Indri seems like a fair bet.

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