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IIDEA pleased with success of First Playable event – Business News

The Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association (IIDEA) announced that their first playable event had successfully returned in person earlier this month. The event had to be postponed in 2020 and 2021 due to logistical problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Pisa is the first playable over three days with talks, panels and pitch opportunities for developers and publishers traveling to Pisa. According to IIDEA, more than 500 meetings have taken place at venues, with at least 130 held online. More than 30 publishers were in attendance, and at least 90 Italian development studios were also there.

Over 10 hours of discussions and panels were presented, which can be viewed (and now archived for future viewing) The first playable Twitch channel. The Italian Video Game Awards was also held at the event, which saw 92,000 live views VGC.

“We at IIDEA are very proud of the creativity and passion we see in the Italian game development scene, so it’s always a pleasure to share it with the world”, said Thalita Malago, General Manager of IIDEA. “Due to the pandemic, the last few editions of First Playable have been online, which makes hosting this year’s in-person event very special for us. However, it seems we got the best of both worlds with a great physical event that we got to share far and wide. This year’s first Playable had a lot to offer and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event”.

If you want to learn more about First Playable, or even keep track of future events, we recommend you check out Their official website.

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