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How would NASA protect Earth if an asteroid was going to crash on it?

What will NASA do if an asteroid hits the Earth? Learn everything here.

NASA has tracked a large number of potentially dangerous asteroids that could hit Earth over the past few decades. Although none of them hit Earth, it’s unlikely to stay that way. So, what if an asteroid really did hit Earth? How will a space agency like NASA save the Earth? There are many questions that you must be thinking about. Well, then know that space agencies around the world are working to develop new techniques that can detect a potentially dangerous asteroid before it hits Earth. NASA developed the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) to calculate the probability of an asteroid impacting Earth in about 100 years.

NASA is also working on a technique that could generate the equivalent of 3 tons of TNT to displace an asteroid’s trajectory to reduce its chance of impacting Earth. Note that the dinosaurs became extinct when an asteroid hit the Earth millions of years ago.

Here are the key elements listed by Gearys that can save Earth before the disaster repeats itself.

According to the report, the Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) has outlined several steps to take when a potentially hazardous object comes close to Earth. About 90% of asteroids that are 1 kilometer or larger can be tracked by NASA and are not potentially hazardous. However, in September, the US space agency will attempt to remove a 161-meter-sized asteroid from orbit. But the extent to which such activities are feasible is yet to be ascertained.

Another option that could be considered is to launch a nuclear attack. As shared by the Slash Gear portal, a single megaton nuclear warhead launch can destroy up to 99% of the mass of an asteroid 100 meters in size.

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