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Housing proposals on Town of Delafield Plan Commission agenda | Oconomowoc Business News

Town of Delafield – Two conceptual plans for a housing development will be considered during a meeting of the Planning Commission at 6:30 pm on Tuesday at Delafield Town Hall, W302-N1254 Maple Ave.

Newman Developments is proposing to develop a 152-acre area. The offer includes a variety of housing options.

The development, called Thomas Farm, will now be on undeveloped land bordering Interstate 94 to the south and Elmhurst Road to the east; Some habitats are very close to Pewauki Lake, but not over it.

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According to the plan submitted to the commission, more than 40% of the land will be permanently green as some lands are currently forested and have wetlands.

Two conceptual plans will be presented.

The first concept has a total of 260 units, as well as a landscape buffer, a path through the green space connecting the house clusters, a nearby park and a pool, a clubhouse with pickleball courts and boss balls.

The plan divides the houses into four sections. One of them, which will be connected to the others only by way of road, not road, consists of eight low density, single family houses or units per acre. The two sections will have a combined 120 medium-density single-family homes or two units per acre. Finally, there will be 132 duplex ranches and duplex townhomes. The second idea offers the same green space and includes the club house, but with 279 units.

As of last, there will be eight low-density, 119 medium-density, but the proposal includes 152 multi-family townhomes.

In these two plans, high-density homes have been placed closer to the interstate.

Newman Developments Inc. is a PewWiki-based developer that has been creating single-family subdivisions in southeastern Wisconsin since 2000.

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