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Laurie Harito, 35, flew from Toronto to Heathrow last month (June 20) with a lever in Montreal. However, when he arrived in the UK, he was informed by Air Canada staff that his bag had been lost.

Without any clothes for his trip, Laurie said: “When I got up at Heathrow, I was looking for my bag in the conveyor belt related to my flight, but it wasn’t there. Most of the passengers on that flight didn’t get their luggage – it’s a mess. “

After being pointed to the lost luggage desk on arrival, he said he first reported that his bag was “somewhere at the airport” but no one knew where. Eventually it turns out that his luggage was put on the wrong flight at Heathrow when he changed to Montreal.

Laurie was forced to go to London with only clothes on her back and had to wait for a call from the baggage service with an update. A week passed and he heard nothing, asking her to go back to Heathrow and find the bag herself.

Laurie, a fitness and fitness writer, told Mylandon: “I had to make a claim with lost luggage who told me my bag was somewhere at the airport, but they don’t know where. When I arrived I was told my bag was lost. So a week later, I went back to the airport to find it myself. There were more people than people with lost luggage, which shows the intensity of the chaos. “

Lori spent three hours searching for her bag in the lost luggage compartment inside Heathrow Airport – to no avail through the huge pile of abandoned suitcases. Air Canada sent him a 60 coupon for his lost luggage, but he said it cost him $ 75 to check his bag.

Since her arrival in the UK, she has had to spend a fortune on clothes and has been told it could take months to find her bag.

Lori says: “Customer service people at the luggage terminal told me they had thousands of bags to process and deliver. I don’t have my bag yet, and you can’t even get on Air Canada’s customer service line.

“When I arrived to find my bag, I was told there was a problem with the lever, and my luggage was actually put on the wrong flight. Most flights from Montreal were canceled or delayed – including me. So when we did it from Toronto to Montreal, my London The gate of the flight has changed, but my luggage is still on the flight at my original gate.

“It may take a few months to reunite with my bag and it looks like I can’t do anything about it.”

Air Canada has been contacted for a comment.

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