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Governor promotes Voter ID during York visit | Latest News

YORK – Governor Pete Ricketts made a stop in York as he traveled around the state, promoting the placement of voter ID initiatives in the ballot so people could make decisions.

This policy requires all voters to present their identities when casting ballots.

Joining Governor Ricketts was Mark McHarg, president of the Nebraska Farm Bureau. Introducing the governor to a large crowd at the Holthas Convention Center, he said, “The governor’s leadership has been excellent and one thing I am really proud of is that he is becoming really strong on a conservative platform. Being here today is an example of good leadership and good policy. “

The Governor thanked those present for taking the time to be there “as this is a very important matter. It’s about the integrity of our choices. One of our most glorious responsibilities is to vote. We know we are blessed to have this opportunity in the United States. Voting is how we help keep our Republic. It should not be taken lightly. We have a constitutional republic and to maintain it we must have security in elections.

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He reflected on the problems and issues encountered during the 2020 general elections in other states, such as ballot observers not being allowed near the counting area, ballots not being counted or not being received on time, legal issues not affecting the final count soon. People bring multiple ballots at once, problems with custody chains during ballot distribution and, unfortunately, voter fraud.

“We can see why honesty is important in the voting system,” said Governor Ricketts. “We can see why public confidence in the system is not high. We can do better. “This initiative will help us do better. If we can pass the voter ID, it will help.”

He noted that the legislature had passed provisions to support the integrity of the vote – such as not allowing election commissioners to make personal donations and requiring secure ballot boxes.

“But we still have a chance to do more,” Governor Ricketts continued. “Voter ID has been considered by the legislature before but it was filibuster because Democrats will not go with it. We haven’t been able to get through it. But here in Nebraska, we have a second home and that is people. What is this all about. This will give people a chance to vote if they want voter ID as part of our voter security.

“Some argue that it would suppress the vote,” the governor said. “But research shows that this is not only true. No one is disadvantaged by providing identification when voting. This is not a new concept. We need our identity to drive a car, board a plane, cash checks, or even buy Sudafed.”

“Another question is why do we need voter IDs if we don’t have widespread voter fraud in Nebraska,” he continued. “We don’t want to wait until we have to solve a problem, we have to be proactive. We want to make sure it doesn’t start in the first place. This will ensure that a person they call. This will prohibit non-citizens from voting and will ensure that people are voting in the right place and not voting more than once in multiple places. We will be able to help people avoid accidentally voting twice and stop those who are doing it intentionally.

“But to get it to the people’s vote, we need 125,000 signatures to get it on the ballot,” Governor Ricketts told the crowd – most of whom signed the petition as soon as they entered the room. “We want to make sure people know about it.”

His visit was on the verge of ending which is now here – 6 July. Circulators and advocates must collect signatures for the July 7 launch, until the end of the day on Wednesday, July 6th. The governor said he did not. I know how many signatures have already been obtained, but note, “We are close. This is an opportunity for the Second House that the legislature could not. If it passes, Nebraskans will only present their driver’s license when voting. For whatever reason, those who do not have a driving license can get a state identity card. It is a simple process that will do a lot to provide electoral security in this state. ”

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