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Gmail, Hotmail users ALERT! This FAKE mail can steal your Facebook details

Gmail and Hotmail users have been warned about alleged fake mail from Facebook that could steal your details.

Here’s a warning for Gmail and Hotmail users! If you use Gmail or Hotmail, you’ll need to keep an eye on the alleged fake mail from the Facebook support team. According to a report on, Trustwave’s cyber security expert pointed out the fraudulent email, saying there was a risk of deleting the Facebook user’s account and asking the user to click on a link. The main agenda behind all this is to get the login certificate of the Facebook user.

According to Trustwave, one of the scam messages they saw was labeled ‘New message from Facebook’ and the email read, “Your page is scheduled to be deleted after it violates our community standards. If we do not hear from you.” Within 48 hours, the page in question will be automatically deleted. You can request this decision by visiting your support inbox below “.

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The fraudulent email contains an Appeal Now button that Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook and other client users can click. However, as soon as you click on the link it will take you to a fake Facebook appeal page. There you will be able to chat about the problem. The chat will ask you to provide your details like name, email address, mobile number as part of the appeal process. You may even be asked to provide details of two-factor authentication. However, you should note that the messenger chat is fake and this scene was created so that you believe the mail is genuine.

You are advised not to provide such details to anyone because it may not only lock you out of your Facebook account, but if they re-use passwords across multiple services, this could be what hackers get for a whole host of other services.

However, after the scam was discovered by Trustwave, the fake Facebook pages associated with Con and Phishing websites have been removed. But you have to be careful and not read for any other such mail. “There’s no reason to believe that other threatening actors might use the same tactics in the future,” Trustwave said.

Speaking about the threat, Trustwave said: “Chatbots serve a huge purpose in digital marketing and live support, so it’s no surprise that cyber attackers are now abusing this feature. People aren’t interested in being suspicious of its content, especially if it comes to From the seemingly true source. The fact that spammers are using the platform that they are imitating makes this campaign a perfect social engineering strategy. “

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