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German union calls one-day strike by Lufthansa ground staff

Germany Lufthansa strike
Germany Lufthansa strike

A German union has called on Lufthansa ground staff to walk out on Wednesday in a one-day strike over a pay dispute.

The ver.di service workers union said the call applies to all Lufthansa locations in Germany.

It comes amid talks over pay for around 20,000 employees of the airline’s logistical, technical and cargo subsidiaries.

The strike will begin at 1.45pm GMT on Wednesday and end at 4pm GMT on Thursday

The union aims to increase pressure on Lufthansa ahead of the next round of talks on August 3 and 4.

Such “cautionary strikes” are a common tactic in German labor negotiations and usually last from a few hours to a day or two.

The walkout comes at a time when airports in Germany and elsewhere are already seeing disruption and long lines at security checks.

Ver.di has called for a 9.5% pay rise this year and said an offer from Lufthansa earlier this month, which would have involved a contract for an 18-month period, fell far short of its demands.

Lufthansa’s head of human resources, Michael Niegemann, said in a statement that ver.di’s strike call was more incomprehensible given that the employer had offered a high and socially balanced wage increase despite an “unstable” economic situation and an uncertain economic situation for the company. perspective

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