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Genesys International News: Genesys International raises Rs 250 crore in equity investment

Pune: 3D Mapping Content and Geospatial Solutions Firm says it has received an equity investment of Rs 250 crore, led by Malabar India Fund with the participation of other investors. The funds will be used to accelerate its 3D digital twin content program which was launched by the NITI Commission to create new mapping content for India.

Sajid Malik Chairman & MD,

“After the new Indian geopolitical policy, this investment will be a key catalyst that has given a great fulfillment to our capabilities,” he said.

Genesis was the first company in India to launch street image submerged content for all major Indian cities with an all-India vector map, it says. The Genesis constellation is now the largest sensor constellation in India capable of achieving terrestrial, oblique and aerial images at high speeds and accuracy.

The company recently applied for two patents for the 3D mapping environment. The company plans to strengthen its content as a service platform by building a business model by providing many vertical applications to meet the growing demand of India’s digital infrastructure ecosystem. It will focus on the utility, smart city, big-tech and digital and e-commerce sectors.

Sumit Nagar, Managing Partner, Malabar India Fund, said, “We are excited about Genesis’ mapping content and integration capabilities and the opportunities that Indian digital infrastructure will provide in the years to come. A high-definition map platform will be an integral part of Digital India.

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