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Garmin Instruments Approved for Legacy Piston Robinsons

Garmin has received FAA supplementary type certification for the installation of its GI 275 electronic flight equipment to replace analog displays on Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters.

The GI 275 is a direct, 3.125-inch replacement of various legacy primary flight instruments, including the Attitude Indicator, Course Deviation Indicator (CDI), Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), or Multifunction Display (MFD). The design reduces installation time, saves existing instrument panels, and provides a high-resolution display and wide viewing angle for readability in the cockpit, a touchscreen interface, and a dual concentric knob that allows pilots to access a variety of key functions.

When installed as an initial attitude indicator, the GI 275 provides less reliability, improved reliability, potential weight savings, and less maintenance than vacuum-driven attitude indicators. It can be replaced with Garmin’s helicopter synthetic vision technology. Additional features include outdoor air temperature display, groundspeed, true airspeed, and wireless functionality such as sharing weather information in the Attitude Index and GPS location and backup attitude information in the Garmin Pilot mobile app.

The GI 275, when installed as a CDI or HSI, is designed to receive different GPS and navigation inputs, allowing up to two GPS sources and two VHF navigation sources. The system’s omni-bearing receiver allows the flight instrument to interface with various legacy navigators without the need for an expensive adapter. With an optional magnetometer, it is also capable of providing magnetic-based HSI guidance. In addition, HSI provides advanced features such as map insets and traffic, terrain, or weather overlays.

Selecting a CDI source is easy and can be done through the touchscreen interface, while course and title selection is done using either a touchscreen or a dual concentric knob.

When replacing an old mechanical CDI or HSI, the GI 275 doubles as a digital indicator and adds MFD-like capabilities such as a running map, weather, traffic, barriers, wireless power lines, safety taxi airport images and five-color terrain shadows.

For backup navigation, a built-in VFR GPS displays aircraft location information on a moving map. Helicopter terrain awareness and warning systems are available on GI 275, which can be combined with Garmin’s GRA 55 or GRA 5500 radar altimeters or third party products.

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