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Garmin Autopilot EASA Approved for AStars

Garmin has received EASA approval to install its GFC 600H digital autopilot for Airbus AS350 helicopters as retrofit through approved Garmin dealers. AS350 variant Eligible for upgrade Includes BA, B2, B3, and B3E. Garmin has also implemented additional GFC 600H pilot training and aids to allow for updated pilot licenses required by EASA certification.

The GFC 600H has an attitude with speed stability, hover assist mode, helicopter electronic stability and protection, dedicated return-to-level mode and overspeed and low-speed protection. It has a console-mounted mode controller with push-button control and a night vision goggle-compatible display and is available in both two- and three-axis configurations with integrated servo that provides system-directed pitch and roll input. Joint sensors and optional third servo provide yao-axis-control capabilities.

Featuring G500H TXi flight display and GTN or GTN Xi navigators, tHe is GFC 600H Navigation information can be used to automatically navigate Search-And-Rescue patterns, And fully integrated miss method, including hold. Attitude-hold mode also provides inputs to help stabilize the helicopter when flying by hand. Additionally, the GFC 600H has cyclic-mounted trim controls for additional modes, including height retention, height selection, vertical speed, indicated airspeed, and title selection.

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