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Learn more about the latest updates on digital marketing. Significant updates from Google, decrypting meta descriptions, and checking into the Chinese luxury market

Welcome to the latest round-up of all digital things. This is where we see the latest updates on PPC, SEO, content and the international world over the last two weeks.

This week we’re covering the latest updates from Google, deciphering meta descriptions and checking into the Chinese luxury goods market.


Abby Crew – PPC Specialist

Google Analytics 4 Of course Will be installed on the website this year

Google Analytics has become the cornerstone of all digital marketing over the years, not just PPC, so moving to GA4 is going to be a big change for everyone involved. The current iteration of Google Analytics is set to close in 2023, making moving to GA4 a time-sensitive issue. To be able to compare data year after year, GA4 needs to be installed on websites this year, so this is something that all website owners and advertisers need to think about.

Google Performance Max update to add focus to in-store visits

One of the most talked about topics on PPC recently is Performance Max, a new type of campaign that has become a go-to in Google advertising. The campaign still has some dental issues and also has an insight into the campaign that was only announced on Search Engine Land.

The campaign is going to be updated so there is also a focus on in-store targets and store visits, which is useful for any advertisers who want to access a physical store. The new additions will help you build more confidence in setting up a PMAX campaign because you’ll get more insight into what works and what doesn’t to further optimize.


Jack Adams – Senior Content Specialist

Google has released a new SEO basic course

In the world of content, Google has launched a new SEO basic course (University of California, created by Davis and powered by Coursera). This is a course that is taught by Googlers, but it has caused some controversy because it contained content that pages should contain at least 300 words of content and 2% keyword density. There has been a lot of discussion in the industry about whether this advice should be ignored and within 24 hours, the offensive slide was removed from the course material, it should not be used as advice.

Google address whether meta description is important

Is the meta description tag important for ranking purposes? While they aren’t considered a ranking factor, and it’s something that has been known for some time, it was interesting to see someone from Google address it, John Mueller answered this question last month.

He was asked: “Is adding location names to meta descriptions important for ranking on Google, if content quality is maintained?”

John Mueller replied: “So the meta description is primarily used as a snippet on the search results page. And that’s not something we’ll use for ranking. But obviously, having a good snippet on the search results page can make it even more interesting for people to actually see your page when they see your page ranking in the search results.”


Scott Skerritt – SEO Specialist

Google has announced a new Broad Core update

Google has announced a wide range of key updates, which is a big change since they haven’t released one since November. The update specifically instructed SEOs to read their generic guide on how they can improve their website without directly addressing what the update is about.

The SEMrush sensor is showing 9.3 / 10 for SERP volatility, suggesting major changes in ranking across the board, so something for advertisers to keep an eye on.

Google has set to track more desktop SERP features via the search console

Google has not previously tracked some organic impressions for certain SERP features, such as Top Stories, but they have now improved this feature and will add additional impressions for these features in the Google Search Console. Probably some websites will see an increase in impressions from May 13th, and this addition may make webmasters / SEOs think performance has improved rather than having extra data, so keep that in mind when reviewing last month’s performance.


Allison Booth – International Head

Prices of luxury brands have dropped in China

Sales of some luxury fashion brand stores targeting China have plummeted year on year and there are two distinct reasons for this; Firstly brands are failing to create consumer desire to buy because they are going through the funnel to convert by not appearing, not providing enough compelling messages and not attracting the attention of their target audience to the touchpoint where they can connect to their target. Audience.

Second, they fail to localize the content they are promoting to their target audience, and subsequently, it does not resonate with trending topics for their target audience. Most brands consider digital, social media and metavers as an after thought and not as an important way to gain a competitive advantage.

Omnichannel strategies will not be successful if consumers are not sure that your product or service will meet their needs with your target audience through your digital touch point and can shop at competing stores who have achieved it more successfully. The article highlights how important it is to be aware of and present digital channels to which your target audience frequently confirms the market you are working in, as well as providing a local message that resonates well with your target audience.

As Apple moves in another direction, it becomes more personalized with Google ads

Google wants to provide a more personalized advertising experience, where Apple thinks that targeting customers who don’t want to get personalized ads can deliver better results. The article presents the case for each channel using a mix of UK and US data and explains how Google and Apple came to this conclusion. This highlights the importance of testing to evaluate how your strategy should adapt to your target audience and the channel you are using.

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