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Future of Travel Tech company PSNGR1 in Doubt

The future of US-based travel booking platform PSNGR1 is in doubt as travel management company partners were told last week that current activity would have to be halted amid a money shortage.

In the UK, the company signed a partnership with Techtu Travel Solutions last November and most recently signed agreements with Gray Daws Group, Blue Cube Travel and Focus Travel Partnership.

The three agencies confirmed that the agency had contacted them about the situation. PSNGR1 CEO Chris Moss was contacted for comment but did not respond to a request for comment.

Warren Dix, chief commercial officer at Gray Davies, said: “They contacted us last week and said they had not secured the funds needed to continue. It’s a great product and hopefully they’ll secure the investment they need. “He added:” It was amazing but we didn’t invest any time or resources in implementing it with any customers so we didn’t lose anything there.

Focus CEO Abby Penston said, “We are sorry to hear about PSGNR1’s vicinity. We recently signed an agreement with them but none of our TMC partners have taken the product yet. ”

TakeTwo has admitted PSNGR1 was in touch but is waiting for further updates on the situation. As with other BTN Europe, TMC has not onboard any UK-based customers and will continue to work seamlessly with other existing booking tool partners.

The companies BTN Europe contacted spoke highly of the technology, with one source speculating that the technology could be a mandatory purchase for a global distribution system or TMC that does not have a proprietary booking platform.

PSNGR 1 received the People’s Choice Award at BTN Group’s annual Innovate event last October.

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