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This week on FP’s International News Quiz: Biden speaks in Taiwan, the UN has visited China and Turkey’s top diplomat is busy.

US President Joe Biden has taken off from a plane in Japan

US President Joe Biden has taken off from a plane in Japan

U.S. President Joe Biden arrives at Fusar Yokota Air Base in Japan on May 22. Yuichi Yamazaki / Getty Images

May 26, 2022, 4:17 p.m.

Do you have a nose for news? Test your current event knowledge with our weekly quiz!

Have feedback? Email Let me know your thoughts.

Do you have a nose for news? Test your current event knowledge with our weekly quiz!

1. This week, the White House had to pull back from another exaggeration by U.S. President Joe Biden over Taiwan.

Which of Biden’s past statements is actually consistent with official US policy?

FP’s Amy McKinnon and Anna Weber had previously reported on the impact of Biden’s repeated Taiwan flab.

2. The UN human rights chief completed a visit to China this week, which some countries have criticized as an opportunity for Chinese propaganda in the state campaign against the Uighur minority.

What is the name of the top human rights officer?

3. Meanwhile, a UN diplomat from which country resigned on Monday, criticizing his country’s leaders for “stylish tasteless palaces”?

4. If Gustavo Petro wins this Sunday’s election, who will be the first leftist president of which Latin American country?

Maria Jimena Aragon of the FP explained what to expect in the election and what is at risk for Colombia and the region.

5. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing renegade calls this week, what is his picture doing?

The November 2020 rally was seen to applaud the COVID-19 restrictions.

6. Which country launched a missile test on Wednesday to include an intercontinental ballistic missile?

7. Which former U.S. Secretary of State said this week that Ukraine should avoid bad consequences by handing over some territory to Russia?

8. The United Nations on Wednesday began its International Solidarity Week with the people of non-self-governing regions. Which of the following? No. A non-self-governing region according to the World Organization?

Samoa is an independent country. However, American Samoa is a non-self-governing territory.

9. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlুতt Cavusoglu had a busy day on Friday. He is no fellow diplomat No. See you that day?

10. Nigerian passengers were shocked on Tuesday when they saw something unusual go on the side of a main highway. What was it?

Although some visitors feared the plane had crash-landed, it was found that “the owner of the plane sold it to a buyer who was talking to it at its final destination,” Nigerian airport authorities said.

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