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From the staff report

Commercial building permits in the city are listed by name of the owner, tenant or building. This weekly update lists more than $ 50,000 in new commercial construction, expansion, and growth. Job descriptions are described where they are listed.

Data from the initial application and subject to change. The amount of dollars is the listed valuation of the city of Tulsa.

22-116559 – Chocolate Nose, 5970 S. Yale Ave., modification (renovation to remove and add walls, new restroom, new kitchen, seating area for service / sales counter and chocolate candy store), 361,943.

22-119340 – Furniture Depot, 6808 s. Memorial Drive, Modification (Commercial Reconstruction, Furniture Sale from Laser Tag Business), 1,501,449.

22-111673 – Massage Lux, 3409 S. Peoria Ave., Change (Tenant’s internal build-out vacant space), 436,211.

22-108668 – Black Hat Grow, 1350 N. Louisville Ave., Change (Tenant Improvement – Internal Change Farming Facility from Unexplained Warehouse), 1,101,749.

People are reading too.

22-115576 – Marbigails, 2714 AD. 15th St., change (new interior build-out for restaurant), 340,087.

22-111272 – Tusco Auto Color, 8888 AD Admiral Place, change, 1,108,725.

22-119632 – Epic Charter School, 3810 S. 103rd East Ave., modification (reconstruction of existing educational space to add classroom, catering and dining space), 5,252,633.

22-119662 – Headquarters Business Center, 6305 AD. 120th Court, Change (Extended Office Tenant New Expansion, Suite C), 155,170.

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