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Flashback: Jim Holahan Remembered | Business Aviation News: Aviation International News

AIN Media Group’s Aviation International News and its predecessor, Aviation Convention News, are celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary this year. .

Rewind (August 2015): James Holahan, the magazine’s founding editor, died on July 4, 94, at his home in Saddle River, NJ, with his family.

Holahan, “Jim” to those who know him, retired from AIN in 1998 at the age of 77, acknowledging his long career for macular degeneration. Jim grew up in Jersey City, NJ, and crossed the Hudson River to attend schools in Manhattan, but it was probably during his time in World War II that the Air Corps P-38 Lightning Fighter and in the single seat of the locked F-80 fighters during the Korean War. Dirty perseverance that will mark his next career as an editor and journalist.

Fast forward: In 1972, at the age of 51, and after establishing himself as an eminent aviation journalist, Holahan joined AIN co-founder and CEO Wilson Leach to launch NBA Convention News, a publication focused solely on the commercial aviation industry. . Later it became Aviation Convention News and finally the current Aviation International News. With a reputation as a firm and tireless worker, Leach noted that it was only Holahan’s failed vision that hampered his ability to edit publications to his own indomitable quality that forced him to retire in the late 70’s, after 27 years of leadership. Of the magazine instead of any lack of drive. He has left a legacy of journalism dedication, excellence and honesty that his three successor editors-in-chief have tried to emulate when AIN reached its half-century milestone.

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