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Flapper Lands in Europe | Business Aviation News: Aviation International News

Brazilian online business aircraft charter broker Flapper has announced that it will expand its operations in Europe in the third quarter. The list of ownership of more than 1,000 general aviation aircraft in Latin America has recently expanded to Mexico.

Its platform allows the sale of real-time charter quotes and individual seats on flights, subject to owner approval. In the past year, it has mentioned that it has doubled its business, attracting 300,000 users to its mobile app.

Flapper will initially work outside Lisbon, Portugal and has been testing its models there since January. So far it has booked more than 100 charter flights and barefoot deals with local operators. It plans to expand its footprint across the continent by setting up additional offices in Spain, Italy and Switzerland and will continue to register local operators of commercial jets and helicopters. High-season flights to Mallorca and Algarve will be offered on a per-seat basis, with frequent departures from London.

“We see Southern Europe as a natural extension of our business expansion, especially considering our Brazilian roots,” said senior partner Manuel Asunko. “We have rotating clients from Latin America and our research has shown less competition in this region than in other parts of the continent.”

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