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Fischer’s Latest: Ayton, Durant, S. Barnes, Kyrie

Diandre Ayton Free agents seem to have been most directly affected by running Name Sweepstakes, writes Jack Fisher of the Bleacher Report.

As Fisher outlines, Ayton’s limited free agency has been partially suspended because he could theoretically be a parting part. The sun Make a deal for Durant and because the teams, including Toronto – who are interested in both players – will not want to leave assets in a sign-and-trade for Itton before seeing what happens to Durant.

According to Fisher, Fast bowlers And Raptors The teams that are most often associated with Itton, with Jazz Has been described as a less likely destination for youth centers. Pacer and Spurs The only team that has the cap flexibility needed to make the offer sheet realistically stretch to iTunes. It is unclear whether he would rather try to make a deal with one of them or wait for a potential sign-and-trade opportunity from a party close to the debate, Fisher said.

A hypothetical scenario is a multi-team trade that sends Durant to Phoenix; Aiton from Indiana in sign-and-trade; And Miles Turner, Multiple Sun Wings, and Brooklyn’s draft capital. However, Fisher has heard from sources that such packages are less likely to meet the high asking price of the nets for Durant.

Here’s more from Fisher:

  • League leaders have begun discussing the possibility Fake Just hanging onto Durant and Kyrie Irving According to Fisher in the regular season. Rudy Gobert Doing business for one arm, one leg and two hills is helping their cause. There’s no way the net will ever do business with Kevin Durant for less than what Rudy Gobert got in Utah. “ An executive at the Western Conference told Fisher. “If nothing comes, I can see them saying (to the players), ‘We all have to come back.’ If I were them, I would try to string it as much as possible. “
  • As previously reported, there are suspicions that The sun Will be able to create a package that appeals Fake By not involving at least one team. “Diendre Ayton, Mikal Bridge, Cam Johnson And five picks are still not enough for me for KD, “ A GM told Bleacher Report.
  • Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell Fisher that Raptors Reluctant to part with the best rookie of the year Scotty Burns.
  • Fisher’s league formula is the idea that “strongly discounts” Mavericks Or Sixer A serious suit for Irving. The Lakers Kerry will be Brooklyn’s most obvious trade partner, but there is an idea that a third party may be involved to meet them. Fake‘Ask the price – a package Russell Westbrook And the draft resources will not maximize the likelihood of Brooklyn competing in the short term, Fisher explained.

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