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Firefox 105.0.1 restores focus behavior on startup

Mozilla plans to roll out a small update to the stable version of the company’s Firefox web browser later today that restores the original focus behavior on startup.

Firefox 105.0.1 browser

Firefox users who installed Firefox 105, either as this week’s stable release or as a development release, may have noticed that the browser’s startup behavior has changed in that release. Firefox will focus on the address bar on startup, which previous versions of the browser did not.

The automatic selection of the address bar causes problems in various use cases, for example when a search engine website is loaded in the active tab. The search engine’s search field was focused in previous versions of Firefox, but in Firefox 105, the address bar was focused instead.

Firefox 105.0.1

Firefox users who wanted to search had to enable the search field to do so. Similarly, input fields are not automatically selected on other sites. Another related issue was that users could no longer use keyboard shortcuts to scroll or interact with the active webpage, because Firefox was focusing on the address bar, not the webpage. Keyboard shortcuts such as down-arrow or up-arrow can be used to navigate the site without using the mouse or touch.

The changed behavior requires an additional click or action from the user to use the webpages affected by the change.

Firefox 105.0.1 is a bug fix release that restores the browser’s original behavior. Users who have not yet updated to Firefox 105 may never experience the problem; Those who have updated can download and install the update to fix this.

Mozilla notes in the official release notes: “Reverted focus behavior for new windows in the content area instead of the address bar”.

Additional information is available on Bugzilla.

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 105.0.1 later today. A Check for Updates via Menu > Help > About Firefox displays the current version and installs the update when it’s released.

Now it’s your turn: What site(s) do you load when you start your browser?


Firefox 105.0.1 restores focus behavior on startup

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Firefox 105.0.1 restores focus behavior on startup


Mozilla Firefox 105.01 is a bug fix update that restores the web browser’s original focus behavior on startup.

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