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Mozilla plans to release Firefox 102.0.1 later today. The first point release update for Firefox 102 fixes a number of bugs and stability issues.

Firefox 102.0.1

The release date is July 6, and if you read it on this day, it may not yet be available through the Firefox browser’s integrated update system. You can display the current version of the web browser and run a manual check for updates by selecting Menu> Help> About Firefox.

Here are the links to the release notes (which will be published later on July 6, 2022).

Firefox 102.0.1

Firefox 102.0.1 is a stabilization and bug fix release. This fixes issues that Firefox 102 and its predecessors may encounter.

Firefox users who have configured the browser to delete cookies and site data are beginning to notice that the browser no longer remembers the setting. Each time the browser is restarted, Firefox will reset the choice so that it looks unchecked and inactive.

Mozilla engineers who have analyzed the problem have noticed that the bug only affected the checkmark of choice. In other words: cookies and site data were still deleted when exiting the browser, although the choice itself was not checked by it.

Mozilla has introduced support for simultaneous multi-language spell checking on Firefox 100, which it released in May 2022. The feature works fine for most language combinations, but a bug caused problems on pages with English and non-Latin words. Mozilla has fixed the issue with Russian, Hebrew and Greek, and the Firefox 102.0.1 release has fixed it.

Firefox 102.0.1 Address Bookmark Issues The next two issues have been fixed. The first fixes a bug in creating a bookmark shortcut in Windows that breaks down drag and drop functionality. Firefox supports dragging links or pictures to the desktop. The bug only affected filenames with invalid characters, but the drag and drop operation failed.

The second bookmark related problem solves a visual problem. Firefox users who open the bookmark sidebar in Dark mode may have noticed that it turned white while doing so. Firefox 102.0.1 fixes the problem.

The final issue that Mozilla solves in the new Firefox stable release fixes a bug in the developer tool. Firefox’s developer console output will automatically scroll down when the last visible message was an evaluation result.

Mozilla lists “various stability solutions” and without going into details in the release note.

Now it’s your turn: Have you already installed the update? Any other problems?


Firefox 102.0.1 Release Info

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Firefox 102.0.1 Release Info


Mozilla plans to release Firefox 102.0.1 later today. The first point release update for Firefox 102 fixes a number of bugs and stability issues.


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