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FedEx Invested in FourKites, EarlyBird Featured, and More Chicago Tech News

Chicago Weekly Refresh 6.27.22
Photo: Earlybird

The Chicago technology community is moving forward with FedEx’s recent investment in local logistics startups. Read how the two companies will work together and learn about an app that allows parents to open investment accounts for their newborns via the built-in Chicago Weekly Refresh.

FedEx has invested in Forkites. Forkites is a Chicago-based logistics software company Which provides data and supply chain visualization for enterprises that carry lots of products to different destinations. Together the two companies will create new software aimed at giving businesses effective insights to avoid supply chain problems and reduce product shortages in stores. [Built In Chicago]

ActiveCampaign has expanded its leadership team. Providing automated customer experience solutions such as email marketing, sales engagement and marketing automation, ActiveCampaign is rapidly expanding to meet the needs of 180,000 customers. The company has recently appointed two new executives to meet the demand. Sameer Kazi has joined as President of Active Campaign and Kelly O’Connell has been promoted to SVP of Product Strategy. The appointments come after announcing the acquisition of ActiveCampaign Postmark and DMARC Digests. [Bussiness Wire]

Quotes from Chicago Tech Week

“I looked around and saw that there was no easy or meaningful way to gift financial resources, let alone a child of your choice, and so that was the origins of Earlybird.” – Jordan Wexler, CEO and co-founder of Arlibard

Highlighted in Earlybird Built-inIts Future 5 feature. Co-chPowered by Jordan Wexler and Caleb Frankel, Earlybird is a mobile app that provides parents with an investment portfolio to set aside money for their children. The app works by constantly contributing as the baby gets older. At age 18, the child gets ownership of the custody account. Through the app, friends and family can also make financial donations that are later invested. [Built In Chicago]

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