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Farnborough airport aims for net zero by 2030

Farnborough Airport has launched a new sustainable drive, promising to reach net zero for its “controllable” carbon emissions by 2030 or earlier.

UK Business Aviation Hub has released its Net Zero Roadmap, a plan aimed at reducing emissions by 91 per cent over the next eight years.

The initiative includes offering Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at the same price as standard jet fuel for the trial period from July 1 to July 18 until the Farnborough International Air Show begins. SAF was first introduced as a fuel alternative at airports 12 months ago.

Farnborough Airport has already earned the status of “Carbon Neutrality” from Airport Council International Europe and wants to be a “global exhibition for airport sustainability”.

Simon Giri, CEO of Farnborough Airport, added: “When it comes to supporting the decarbonization of the aviation industry, we want to show the way at Farnborough Airport, which is why we have set one of the industry’s most ambitious goals with promise. The net will be zero across our controllable emissions by 2030 or earlier.

“We want our customers to increasingly choose Farnborough Airport because of our certificate of sustainability, along with our market-leading state-of-the-art facilities and our exceptional level of customer care.”

The roadmap includes airport buildings, airfield operations, and reduced emissions from on-site vehicles. Farnborough also wants to reduce emissions where it only has a “partial effect” of more than 40 percent, such as landings and take-offs up to 3,000 feet, as well as surface emissions generated by passengers traveling to and from the airport.

“We want to be the world’s leading commercial aviation airport based on our historical and pioneering heritage. We also want to set standards for environmental performance in our sector, ”Giri added.

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