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F1 French Grand Prix LIVE! Verstappen wins- Race reaction and latest updates today

Defending F1 champion Max Verstappen won the French Grand Prix on Sunday as Ferrari’s worries resurfaced after Charles Leclerc crashed, leaving the Red Bull driver 63 points behind in the championship.

Lewis Hamilton finished second in his 300th GP — securing a fourth-straight podium — while George Russell overtook Sergio Perez’s Red Bull after a virtual safety car restart late in the race to give Mercedes their first podium double of the season.

Leclerc’s race ended on lap 18 when he lost the rear of his car coming out of Turn 11, spinning 360 degrees before a tire crashed into the wall. Leclerc was speechless at first, breathing heavily into his helmet before telling his team the crash was caused by another throttle problem, and then a furious “NOOOOOOOO!” says He failed to finish a race for the third time this season — Ferrari’s seventh in 12 races — and came close to winning the Austrian GP two weeks later with throttle problems.

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Ferrari masters of their own downfall

Charles Leclerc was blamed for crashing out of the French Grand Prix while leading Sunday’s race.

Numerous uncontrollable errors by the driver and his Ferrari team hampered his bid for a maiden Formula One world title and his spin at the tire barrier at Circuit Paul Ricard could prove costliest.

Leclerc suggested his throttle was a problem immediately after the crash – prompting bloodcurdling screams over the team radio – but the 24-year-old later admitted he had simply lost control of the car.

“I’m performing at the highest level of my career but it’s meaningless if I make those mistakes,” he later said.

“I’m losing a lot of points: seven at Imola, 25 here because honestly we were the strongest car on the track today. So if we lose the championship by 32 points at the end of the season, I’ll know where it’s coming from.”

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Hamilton Race Review

“I feel great, just a little dehydrated. The drink bottle didn’t work in the race – I never actually drink in competition so this is the first time I’ve tried it all year but nothing came out. What a day, what a weekend.

“I’m very proud of the team, it’s an incredible result. Look about this whole package to win races and get results. We know we don’t have the speed of the team in front of us but reliability is a huge fundamental part of the process.”


Carlos Sainz defends Ferrari strategy

“Starting on the 19th and the way everything was going, finishing fifth was fine. We’re going to take it. But on a perfect day it could be better. I think the team is doing very well, we get criticized a lot at Ferrari – we’re not the disaster that people say we are.”


Toto Wolf gave his response

“Overall the team effort was great, the drivers did a really good job. On race day we are doing our best at the moment.”


Best day of the Mercedes season so far


Charles Leclerc took the blame for his dramatic exit from the race – describing the incident as a “mistake”.

“We’ll add things at the end of the season, but if we’re 25 or 30 points down in the season, I only have myself to blame,” Leclerc said.

“I couldn’t go against it, but those are small details. You can’t just put a car on the wall.”


Fresh heartbreak for Leclerc



Those drivers will be relieved to get a dowsing on stage!

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