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Embraer Retains Toyota for Production Expertise

Embraer is working with Toyota do Brasil to maximize production efficiency. Announcing an agreement this morning, Embraer said it would “embrace” Toyota Product Systems (TPS) policies and concepts for its industrial activities because it seeks to eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve efficiency. The move comes a month after Embraer Spinf Eve said it has hired a Porsche consultant to recommend developing a supply chain for high-volume rate production.

Initially, a Toyota TPS team will investigate Embraer’s operations to evaluate and recommend improvements for the Brazilian airframer’s main manufacturing plant at the Dos Campos in Sao Jose. Rafael Chang, president of Toyota Do Brasil, explained that the TPS method can be applied to a variety of applications. One of the primary areas that Embraer expects to explore is to provide an uninterrupted production and use of parts, reducing excess inventory.

“More than efficiency and productivity, TPS can provide solutions that allow industries and other sectors to continually improve their processes, which is one of Toyota’s pillars worldwide,” Chang said.

“This work strengthens Embraer’s commitment to focus on business excellence and sustainable growth,” said Francisco Gomez Neto, CEO of Embraer. “This will be a great opportunity to strengthen the practices already conducted by the Embra Enterprise Excellence Program, P3E, as well as accelerate the use of Lean Philosophy in knowledge exchange and production systems.”

Embraer took the lean approach in 2007 and is credited with transforming the functionality of its P3E program and enabling the company to take “big steps” in improving processes.

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