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Embraer Doubles Footprint of Sorocaba MRO

Embraer’s services and support unit today launched its expanded MRO facility in Sorokaba, Brazil, largely in response to the growing commercial jet fleet in its country. The Sorokaba expansion doubles the footprint of the airframe facility there from 20,000 square meters (215,278 square feet) to 40,000 square meters. The site now has four hangars, three of which are dedicated to aircraft and component MROs, the fourth supporting the company’s FBO there.

“The executive aviation segment in Brazil continues to grow and we see great opportunities for the services sector in the coming years, consistent with our growth plan for both our service and support business unit and Embraer,” said Johan Bose, President and CEO of Embraer Services and Support.

Bordeaux says AIN The site will also support the company’s commercial and military aviation business, noting that support includes Azul Airlines’ E195-E2 passenger aircraft fleet and the Brazilian Federal Police and Air Force fleet. “We felt it was the right moment and of course the right place,” he added.

In addition to maintenance, SoroCabar’s capabilities include internal repairs and aircraft modifications through a partnership with F / List, such as converting the Legacy 450 to a Praetor 500 jet.

The site currently employs 150 people. Over the next three years, Embraer expects to add an additional 100 employees to Sorocaba.

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