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Delta Issues Unusual Travel Waiver For July 4th Weekend, What It Means For Flyers

Air travel has become challenging in recent months, with a large number of flight delays and cancellations due to staffing issues, weather delays and other issues.

Delta Airlines is hoping to give their customers some flexibility so that this July 4 holiday comes, one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

The airline has issued a systemwide fare difference travel waiver for any passengers scheduled to fly July 1-4. The waiver allows customers to re-book before or after their trip which can turn into a challenging weekend to fly. Customers will be able to re-book the flight without any change in fee or fare difference as long as the place of origin and destination remain the same.

The rebooked flight must be by July 8th.

“The people of Delta are working around the clock to rebuild Delta operations and to make it as resilient as possible to minimize the impact of obstacles,” the airline said in a release. “Nevertheless, some operational challenges are expected this weekend.”

The airline said the waiver was issued to give customers as much flexibility as possible on holidays without worrying about costs.

Some of the problems of flight delays and cancellations this year have arisen from the dramatic increase in demand as the country emerges from the coronavirus epidemic.

Waivers are usually issued for specific events, such as delays or cancellations due to weather-related problems in a particular region. This 4th July waiver is different because it applies to every flight of that time period.

How to change the flight

For those interested in using the waiver, customers should:

  • Open My travels On the tab, select Flight to change and click Change Or Add flight.
  • Open the FlyDelta app on a mobile device and follow the same steps.

Customers are reminded that the waiver, which does not allow any charges, only applies to flights between July 8. For flights changed after that date, a fee will probably apply.

Customers who can’t find enough flights to change can cancel and apply an unused ticket price for future purchases.

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