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Delete These 8 Android Apps, Jio HP Smart SIM Laptop And More

With so much happening in the world of technology, it can be difficult for you to keep track of news that may be important to you. For today’s ‘Top Tech News’, there are some important updates that you should pay attention to. Here are the top tech headlines for Monday, July 18, 2022:

Reliance Jio launches HP Smart SIM laptop offer with 100GB data

Jio has partnered with HP in the form of HP Smart SIM laptops. The new offer called Jio HP Smart SIM Laptop gives buyers free 100GB data, along with a free Jio connection that is valid for 365 days. HP has a select range of Smart LTE laptops that come with a SIM slot that lets you get an Internet connection on the go. All details.

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New malware called ‘Autolycos’ discovered: Delete these 8 Android apps as soon as possible

Despite Google’s security measures, getting malware into or compromising Android devices is nothing new, a malware called Autolycos entered the Google Play Store and was found to be bundled with eight popular apps on the Play Store, resulting in over 3 million downloads.

The malware was found in at least eight Android apps, all of which have now been removed by Google. According to the report, it took Google six months to take down these eight applications from the initial acceptance of the report. All details.

Delete these 8 apps:

Vlog Star Video Editor (1 million downloads)
Creative 3D Launcher (1 million downloads)
Wow Beauty Camera (100,000 downloads)
Gif Emoji Keyboard (100,000 downloads)
Razer Keyboard and Themes (10,000 downloads)
FreeGlow Camera 1.0.0 (5,000 downloads)
Coco Camera v1.1 (1,000 downloads)
Funny Camera (500,000 downloads)

The government may soon force big tech companies to pay media companies to show news

The Indian government plans to make big tech pay publishers to use their content on their respective platforms, as other countries aim to create a revenue-sharing bridge between internet companies like Google and Facebook and digital news publishers.

According to Minister of State for IT and Electronics Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the government is looking at amending the IT Act to implement this change.

“The market power in digital advertising currently being exercised by the big tech majors, which puts Indian media companies at a disadvantage, is an issue that is being seriously examined in the context of new laws and regulations,” the minister said.

If implemented, the new law would force big tech companies to pay digital news publishers a portion of the revenue earned by using their original content. All details

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