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Delafield – Developers have proposed 87 new homes in the vicinity of St. John’s Northwestern Academies in Delafield as part of two separate projects. However, residents shared their concerns with the projects at the Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, citing density, traffic and community sentiment, and conservation of the natural environment.

That’s when Delafield launched a project to balance the city’s budget by increasing its tax base through “responsible and sustainable growth.” A focus group looked at the potential for growth and recommended improving these areas to high and medium densities to meet these goals, city documents say.

“I know the developer is going to win,” said Ken Hero, a Delafield resident. “I know the producer will win. I know the city will win. This is a beautiful development. However, it seems that the surrounding areas suffer from it (nearby houses). Everyone is aware that this will be made, we are just saying that you should consider reducing the concentration. “

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Hendricks offers commercial property

The first of two projects discussed at the meeting will restructure St. John’s Golf Course as a 50-lot subdivision of a single-family home. The houses will be built along a U-shaped road, with a few cool desks, in bulk ranging in size from half an acre to 1 acre.

The proposal also includes a public bike and pedestrian walkway on the north side of the Bark River. In order to comply with green space and storm water management requirements, the plan says there is some flexibility in exactly how homes are set up.

“At the moment, we have a conceptual plan to consider, but no architectural standards have been established except that we keep it consistent with the surroundings,” said Rick Nelson of Hendrix Commercial Properties, a real estate company in Beloit.

The commission was reviewing a road drawn on a map was a road connecting the subdivision with Cushing Memorial Park; A memo from Mike Court, an engineer in the city, estimated it would cost more than 1 1.1 million to widen the road. Almost all the residents who commented on this project opposed the street

“There’s no point in building a road through this and it will be detrimental to what has come before and what will come in the future,” said Jennifer to Jesse, who said she was speaking on behalf of about 20 neighbors who felt the same way.

City planner Amy Barrows said the city has no plans to move forward with the road expansion.

Some residents said they were concerned about the density of the development and the traffic that could accompany it It is “We talk about being sensitive and consistent with neighbors,” said Katie Christine, who lives nearby. “My lot is 3.7 acres and my neighbor’s is 2.2 acres, so a half-acre lot from us is not compatible. Not that I want 3.6 acres, but … “

Hendrix completes a sale / leaseback transaction on St. John’s 112-acre campus January 2021. The terms of the lease allowed St. John’s to retain control of the main campus for 40 years, but the 9-hole golf course was exempt.

Focus Group recommends building a golf course with a half-acre lot, making the parts of the proposed project less dense than the initial recommendation.

Miller proposes to build the Marriott

The second project, known as Beacon Hill, will build 34 homes between Wisconsin Avenue and St. John’s Road, with three additional homes on the other side of Wisconsin Avenue. The development will remove part of Smith Lane and Farand Street, creating their pedestrian path.

Chris Miller, owner of Miller Marriott Construction, said they want to create a walkable community near downtown Delafield. The land, currently zoned as institutional, will be re-zoned to R-4, which would require a minimum of 7,900 square feet.

“Putting 37 houses there would make it look like the east side of Milwaukee,” Phil Casson said.

Many residents who have spoken out about the project are concerned about Delafield’s density and character changes.

“One thing that attracted us to Delafield was the small town community. It’s a pretty small community, “said Bill Buskowski. “It’s getting busy, but it’s okay – it’s fun, there’s room to go. If you start adding more residents to it, you’re just getting more crowded in a small area.”

Developers say they plan to include St. John’s Arch, as well as sidewalks and stormwater management, such as rain gardens.

The Planning Commission did not take action on both projects, but asked to complete a traffic survey for both projects.

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