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Day-trip to Venice will cost a fee and a prior reservation

There will be a fee and a pre-reservation cost for day-trips to Venice

Recently, officials from the Venice Tourism Department announced that on January 16, 2023, visitors who come to Venice on a one-day trip must first book in advance and pay a fee. The tourism department hopes the move will help them manage the huge number of visitors they see every day. In Venice, often, the number of tourists is higher than the local residents.

If your visit to Venice does not include staying in a hotel or lodge, you will need to sign up online by announcing the day of the visit. The fee amount will depend on how advanced your booking is and whether you are visiting during the peak tourist season. The amount will range anywhere between 3-10 euros.

There will be a booking and payment arrangement with a QR code, and you will need to show proof of payment if asked. Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to 300 euros.

Also note that visitors booking hotels and lodges do not have to pay a visiting fee.

There will be a fee and a pre-reservation cost for day-trips to Venice

Will it limit the number of visitors to the city? Yes. Will it make for a healthier Venetian experience? Also, yes. With no crowds in the city, you can enjoy the city better and not rush.

If you are planning to visit the city on a cruise and think that you still have to make a reservation and pay a fee, the answer is yes. Even if you only visit for a few hours, as a cruise stopover, you still have to make a reservation and pay. If not, it is included in your cruise package.

Children under the age of six, especially disabled people and those who own a vacation home in Venice (provided, you can show proof of real estate tax payment) do not have to pay their fees.

  1. When is the best time to visit Venice?
    April to early summer is the best time to visit Venice.
  2. When to avoid Venice?
    August and early September are usually very humid, so you may want to avoid it.
  3. What are the major cities near Venice?
    Milan, Florence, Rome and Verona are one of the nearest cities to Venice for a day trip.

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