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CWT adds carbon emission dashboards for clients

Global travel management company CWT is creating a Carbon Emissions Summary Dashboard to give clients an overview of their CO2 effects from travel.

The move, which follows the introduction of CWT’s Carbon Footprint Indicators in March, is designed to further enhance CO2 reporting capabilities through a partnership with carbon intelligence expert Thrust Carbon.

The new dashboards, which have been integrated into CWT’s business intelligence solution, provide an “all-in-one” overview of emissions from travel using methods from the UK’s DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) or Thrust Carbon.

Charlie Sullivan, head of product management at CWT’s travel management portfolio, said: “We know that when it comes to CO2 data, greater accuracy and precision support greater accountability and better choice.

“Companies pursuing climate initiatives are looking for more comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions data and analysis.”

Sullivan added that this trend was reflected in a recent client survey where 79 percent of CWT’s customers worldwide wanted this kind of data and insight about their travel emissions.

“With this in mind, and our long-standing commitment to providing clients with tools and services to create more responsible travel programs, these latest enhancements are designed to help integrate corporate sustainable goals into all of our clients’ travel programs,” Sullivan said.

CWT plans to launch more initiatives over the next 18 months to improve its sustainability and portfolio, including myCWT web and mobile platforms.

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