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Covid 19 Omicron outbreak: Latest case numbers as hospital visitors pass virus on to patients

New Zealand

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The incidence of covid is increasing as officials warn that there is evidence of infection at at least one Auckland hospital.

The Ministry of Health said yesterday that the number of Covid-positive Wetmata patients has increased – including an outbreak at a community site.

Evidence has also been found that visitors to North Shore Hospital are sending patients covid.

“The public is reminded to stay away from the hospital when they are sick and to follow hospital rules if they visit, always wear an approved mask, practice good hand hygiene and cough / sneeze etiquette as well as maintain a physical distance of at least one meter.”

The ministry will release the latest number of cases around 1pm. Cases of 6,498 communities were announced yesterday.

Eight deaths and 487 people infected with the virus were announced at the hospital yesterday, of which 11 are in intensive care.

They are in Northland (seven), Waitemata (114), County Manukau (44), Auckland (34), Waikato (38), Bay of Plenty (22), Lakes (23), Hawks Bay (13), Middle: (14). , Wanganui (five), Taranaki (12), Tairauhiti (two), Wairarapa (nine), Capital and Coast (40), Hat Valley (seven), Nelson Marlborough (10), Canterbury (57), South Canterbury (57) Seven), west coast (two) and southern region (26). The average age of patients in the hospital is 63.

The seven-day rolling average for Kovid-19 hospital admissions is 420, up from 335 this week, and the seven-day rolling average for the community is now 7,046, up from 5,129 last week.

Earlier today, Howrah Tairawhiti health providers, including Gisborne, warned that the infection had risen again from 38 to 88 cases in the past week.

“There are now 394 active cases, double what we had two weeks ago,” the former district health board posted on Facebook.

Experts are now warning that New Zealand is facing a second wave of coronavirus infections as the incidence of Omicron subvariate BA.5 has spread across the country.

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