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Core of Earth gives up hidden secrets on explosion of life!

There is a lot of hidden information in the mainland that has not yet been discovered. Scientists have recently tried to find out the role of the nucleus in the evolution of life on our planet. Find out what they found.

Scientists in the United States have recently discovered some startling facts about the basic structure of the earth. According to the report, the Earth’s solid inner core was formed about 550 million years ago, leading to a sharp increase in the number of living multicellular organisms on our planet. According to a report in The Guardian, there is a huge sphere about 2,000 kilometers in diameter at the center of the earth. This sphere is called the inner center which plays an important role in the evolution of life on Earth. This layer consists of iron and then has the outer core, then the mantle and above it, the crust.

According to scientists, the planet’s inner core is slowly increasing by about 1 mm annually. Initially, the core was liquid and hot, but it started to get colder and harder. The inner core revolves around the earth and creates a strong magnetic field that protects our planet from harmful cosmic and solar radiation that allows life to exist.

Scientists at the University of Rochester (New York, USA) after conducting a study suggested that the presence of a solid internal core is extremely important in the development of life on Earth. The report states that about 550 years ago, the Earth’s magnetic field lost 10% of the energy of the current magnetic field and suddenly regained its strength, leading to a sudden expansion of complex multicellular life on Earth. This process is known as the Cambrian eruption on Earth. All this is recorded in the search for fossils. John Tarduno of the University of Rochester called the process an “explosion” in the evolution of life on the planet.

Meanwhile, how and why the inner core of our planet appeared is still unknown. Scientists have noted that they will continue their research into the appearance of a solid internal core and the connection of the Cambrian eruption.

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