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Conscious Cultures rebrands as Bandit

PHILADELPHIA – Conscious Culture Creamery is changing its name to Bandit The plant-based food company also announced that it has raised $1.5 million in a seed funding round led by venture capital firm Prime Movers Lab.

Dasyu makes vegan cheeses that use cashews as their base. Varieties include a cave-aged, double cream Camembert-inspired floral punch called Maverick and a cave-aged, vegetable ash-ripened cheese with an ash inlay called Burnt Cat. The company also produces an assortment of seasonal plant-based cheeses.

The rebrand reflects the startup’s origins, from Consus Creamery to Bandit, said Bo Babacki, founder and CEO.

“Young cheese enthusiasts recognize the tremendous impact agricultural practices are having on climate change, the environment and animal welfare,” Mr Babaki said. “We recognized that our former brand resonated with that crowd but didn’t feel as welcome in the cheese market as a whole… Bandit is our humble beginnings as a yoga studio using a cave-modified household refrigerator to start hustling cheese from Philly to Brooklyn. “

Bandit will use funding from the $1.5 million seed round to continue scaling its manufacturing process and distribution. Consumers can expect to find the vegan cheese in several new grocery stores in Northern California, Texas and Illinois in the coming months, according to the company.

“We were looking for a dairy-alternative investment, and at the end of the day, Bandit tasted better than anything else we tried,” said Gaetano Crupi, a partner at Prime Movers Lab and a member of Bandit’s board. “They create delicious plant-based foods that will find wide acceptance among elite restaurant chefs as well as the average American consumer shopping the aisles of their neighborhood grocery store.”

Bandit is the second food startup in Prime Movers’ portfolio. The venture capital firm previously invested in Upward Farms, a sustainable aquaponic farming company. Other portfolio investments span space transportation, industrial solar thermal, ag tech, nano-structured materials, prosthetics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and more.

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