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Comp Air Unveils New Kit Airplane

Florida-based kitplane manufacturer Comp Air Aviation is showcasing its latest design, the Model CA6.2, at this year’s EAA AirVenture show. First flight is expected later this summer. The aircraft features carbon composite construction, a useful load of 2,000 pounds, a cruising speed of 175 knots, a stall speed of 62 knots (full flaps) and seating for six plus baggage.

With a fuel capacity of 250 gallons, the CA6.2 will have a maximum range of 840 nm with an IFR reserve. Service ceiling 15,700 feet. Power will come from a single 350-hp Lycoming IO-580-AC1A piston engine. According to Comp Air, manufacturers will be able to upgrade it to a turboprop engine.

The aircraft will be available with fixed wheel landing gear or the company’s amphibious “super floats”. The base price of the kit excluding engine, propeller, avionics, paint and interior is estimated at $150,000. Comp Air expects to offer a four-week builder-assistance program with a total build time of approximately 1,500 hours. Kits will be available early next year.

Designed as a larger and more comfortable version of the Cessna 206, the CA6.2 will feature a large cargo door with vented stairs. The interior cross-section of the cabin is 52 inches wide and 45.5 inches long. The aircraft has an overall length of 31 feet and a wingspan of 40 feet, allowing the aircraft to use smaller and more conventional general aviation aircraft hangars.

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