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Columbia City Council table proposed downtown event, residents express concerns after latest mass shooting

Colombia, Md. (KMIZ)

There have been several summer incidents in the city of Colombia that have brought many people from all over the city to the city, causing several mass shootings, making Colombian residents feel uncomfortable.

“Any kind of public event, even going to the grocery store, is always on my mind. I think anything can happen at this time. Whenever I see such a big crowd, I think something can go wrong.” Colombian resident Dylan Amico told ABC News crew.

Residents say they are scared in many places, especially in large populated areas.

Roots and Blues, Drinks in the District, and Show-Me State Games are some of the events held in the city throughout the summer.

Nicki Davis, of Downtown CID, told The District that while security is a priority for districts and cities, there are ways to make it safer.

“We would love to install the lights that we asked the city to install a year ago,” Davis said.

At Tuesday’s Columbia City Council meeting, an item on the agenda for the summer concert downtown, hosted by local business owner Dan Radar, was presented.

The Historical Society spoke at the meeting and said they were against the September 24 concert because they had their own event that night and were concerned about parking access. There are some concerns about road closures.

According to the application, Rader submitted it would be a big internationally famous actor. Radar said he won’t be able to announce the artist until next week.

Colombian Mayor Barbara Buffalo made a proposal for a July 18 vote and discussion to give Radar more time to work on the concert.

Radar says he still can’t comment on his security details.

Radar has requested the council to close Sixth Street from Cherry Street to Locust Street for the concert.

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