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Cassidy Gifford Named Godmother of Carnival Celebration

Prominent and well-known actress, Kathie Lee Gifford, passed the torch to her daughter Cassidy, as she named her godmother. Carnival celebration. Today, Carnival Cruise Line revealed that Cassidy will serve as “godmother” for the company’s newest ship, Carnival celebration. The ship’s naming ceremony is scheduled for November 20, 2022, in Miami.

Kathie Lee Gifford surprised her daughter Cassidy with the exciting news in a video released today by Carnival Cruise Line. Kathie Lee was named “Godmother” after the Carnival celebration, Celebration of M/S, since its naming in 1987. The four-time Emmy Award-winning actress served as Carnival’s spokesperson in television campaigns in the 1980s. Some of these television commercials were the first broadcast advertisements for the cruise industry.

Cruiser for life

Cassidy has sailed with Carnival Cruise Line since she was a child and has many fond memories of being with her mother and late father, Frank Gifford, a prominent NFL and sports broadcasting icon.

“Carnival Cruise Line has become a huge part of our family with my earliest memories of family cruises on Carnival ships,” said Cassidy Gifford. “And now it is truly an honor and a blessing to be asked to be the godmother of the ship named after my mother. There was no hesitation when my mom asked me and I can’t wait to see this amazing ship in Miami in November.”

“I was the spokesperson for Carnival for about 20 years, starting in 1984, when I got married and had children. They have joined me on many television shoots aboard the Carnival ship, so we have many great memories,” said Kathie Lee Gifford. “Being able to pass the torch to my daughter Cassidy as Godmother of the new Carnival celebration made me so happy, I almost cried!”

Beginning her acting career at a young age, Cassidy Gifford is known for her roles in hit films God is not dead and the Warner Bros. feature film, hanging. He went on to star in dozens of other television and box office films, even earning titles Exceptional emerging artist at the 2018 Hollywood Film Festival. Cassidy currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband of two years, Ben Wierda.

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“Since our founding in 1972, Carnival Cruise Line has brought guests for generations and helped millions of families create lasting vacation memories,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. Duffy continues, “Since we’ve passed our 50sm Birthday celebrations on its arrival Carnival celebration, we are thrilled to extend our relationship with another generation of the Gifford family and honored that Cassidy will serve as the ship’s godmother. I can’t wait to welcome Cassidy and Kathy Lee on board and show off this beautiful new vessel. Our industry and our company have changed so much in the last 50 years – it gives new meaning to the words Kathie Lee sang for Carnival – ‘If only they could see us now!’”

Carnival celebrations are coming soon

Carnival celebration Carnival will be the cruise line’s 50th birthday present when the ship launches from the newly renovated Terminal F in Port Miami this November. The ship will feature six themed zones and the line’s second BOLT roller coaster, along with many other fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

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