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Business News | LittlePixi All Set to Launch Its Website

New Delhi [India]July 4 (ANI / SRV): Originally just a mobile application, LittlePixi has launched a website that combines and reliably finds coupon codes that work, helping consumers save time and money when shopping online. By 6

Headquartered in New Delhi, it was first conceived as an easy way to find savings on the go. Since then it has grown to offer discounts and cashback access to more than 5,000 merchant websites, including Domino’s, Rapido, Goibibo, Myntra, and Netmeds, which have found maximum savings in everything from shoes to pizza to online groceries to drugs and more.

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“People just want to save money. LittlePixi lets customers keep money in their pockets which makes digital commerce in India more affordable, more fun and more accessible,” explains co-founder Prashant Agarwal.

LittlePixi sells as competitors to GrabOn, CouponDunia, Honey and others, and tracks the coupon codes of retailers. What makes this app so useful is that it reliably predicts which coupons work or not and allows the user to choose the one that offers the most savings. This helps shoppers feel more comfortable in their shopping and reduces shopping cart abandonment.

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Merchant partners gain the ability to offer targeted and more personalized promotions to customers as a means of acquiring new business and increasing sales. “We’re creating powerful new online shopping experiences for consumers and merchants,” says Prashant “We will have the ability to help thousands of retailers reach customers efficiently, giving LittlePixi users even greater value.”

LittlePixi declined to share its revenue details, but it charges commissions when users find sales or coupons and make transactions with merchants, much like other services in this space. Credit cards and Buy Now Pay Letter customer acquisitions have also been integrated to help finance larger purchases.

When someone uses LittlePixi, it gives them a list of work coupons that can give them the most savings. If they can’t find a usable coupon, they know they’re probably missing something.

And if they find a coupon, as they often do, they save money and they are happy to try. This is a no-brainer sort.

To use LittlePixi, customers need to install the Android app or visit the LittlePixi website:

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