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Business News | Dr Muneer’s Brainchild ‘Unnathi’ Emphasises the Importance of ‘human Infrastructure in Nation Building’

New Delhi [India], 8 July (ANI / GPRC): Infrastructure and development are words often thrown by political leaders. In the current world situation the development of human infrastructure is as important or perhaps more important. Down South, Kerala MLA is envisioning the ‘Unnathi’ project which could be a game-changer in the example of development that the nation is following.

A path-breaking initiative that plans to address the ever-increasing demands on education and employment. Now the project that is being implemented in its Coduvalli constitution is getting a lot of enthusiastic response from all over the country.

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Dr. MK Munir’s vision for human infrastructure development is to help each student identify their skills, and their uniqueness, advise them on their qualifications, and guide them in a career that suits them. The initiative, a pioneer of its kind, equips students to reach great heights through continuous intervention programs such as entrance coaching to gain access to the country’s major higher education centers. Through accurate and professional career guidance, qualification assessment, training for entrance exams and high-profile placements, young minds in the Koduvalli constituency will win their dream of securing high-paying jobs around the world. By ensuring public participation and professional direction to make the best choices for tomorrow’s leaders, human resources are used to its full potential to develop Coduvalli into a constituency of excellence.

A world-class technology platform with seven modules will assess the qualifications and personality of eighth grade students and their talents and skills will be honored with the help of professional career coaches and encouraged to find out what savings they have in the future. The name ‘Unnathi’ indicates the rise and progress in the mother tongue of Malayalam and the idea behind the program is to identify the character and qualifications of the children at the right time and guide them in the right path. Unnathi has many dimensions.

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The Unnathi program for high school students focuses on providing coaching, orientation and mock tests to prepare for entrance exams at various universities and centers of excellence across the country. The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) coaching trains students who have passed Class XII to enter 45 central universities in the country, including Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia, Hyderabad, Pondicherry and Benares.

For young people looking for a job, Unnathi has a career qualification assessment program. The best career options and future opportunities of the era are introduced and professional guidance and training is provided to the youth. Then with the help of government and non-government organizations, they were given the opportunity to enroll in this program and get a place in their dream job.

In addition to training students and job seekers, other promotional programs include higher education research, job training courses, career guidance and counseling, entrance coaching, foreign education guidance, leadership and skills training, physical education teacher empowerment and awareness programs for parents.

Agriculture is the main livelihood of the country, Unnathi has a program for empowerment of farmers – growth. As part of Unnathi, the Sukratam program brings together health workers and hospitals across the constituency. The goal of the program is to promote a healthy lifestyle by addressing any health-related needs and concerns of the public in this age of epidemics, health complications and lifestyle diseases.

Unnathi’s best program seeks to enroll students from Scheduled Castes in state-of-the-art residential schools run by the central government. The Karuthu program focuses on physical fitness by promoting sports and physical activities with the intention of gaining a place for Coduvalli on the sports map of the country.

Unnathi is empowered by people who will volunteer for the programs. One volunteer will be in charge of 50 families and they will be linked together with the panchayat and the municipality which will facilitate the knowledge centers. Knowledge centers will be run by enthusiastic professionals such as social worker psychologists, career trainers, personality development trainers, knowledge brigades, knowledge fighters, academics, subject matter experts, etc. An action committee will provide advice and facilities to the knowledge centers in the constituency. .

It uses both human resources and government resources to implement development programs. Teachers and educators will join hands for the project. A comprehensive socio-educational survey will be launched to cover all families in the constituency; Based on this, Unnathi will be implemented and strengthened. A technology platform is underway in this regard. Eligibility tests will be conducted in schools for this purpose.

Education experts around the country are exploring and learning the model that is setting the example for overall human infrastructure development.

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