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Bulgarian coastguard rescues 38 migrants from Black Sea

The Bulgarian coastguard on Thursday rescued 38 migrants trying to reach Romania from the Black Sea, the interior ministry announced, the first such incident in the region since 2014.

The group, which includes eight women and eight children, was found in Bulgarian territorial waters where they ran into difficulties in stormy weather, said Anton Mirkov, the head of the region’s border police.

Migrants from Afghanistan and Syria started their journey from Turkey.

Bulgaria is seeing an increasing number of migrants in its waters south from the Turkish coast.

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It has stepped up patrols since the death of two police officers in Burgas on the Black Sea coast in August. A bus carrying migrants tried to stop them and was let off.

Authorities sent about 300 troops between 2014 and 2017 to strengthen surveillance of the barbed-wire barriers.

In August, the country’s refugee agency reported an increase in the number of illegal immigrants arrested compared to last year, when 12,000 were detained.

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