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Blueberry ingredients from Symrise offer various benefits

RENES, France – Simrease Diana Foods has launched a range of blueberry ingredients and active compounds. They have features like various organoleptic properties, application-specific standards for baby food and organic national certification.

Simrise sources blueberries of three different species from three geographical regions and then processes the fruits in a location close to the growing source. Potential applications include breakfast cereals, bars, dessert toppings, ready-to-drink drinks, baby and toddler snacks, sports nutrition products and dietary supplements.

Vaccinium martilusAlso known as bilberry, it grows in Eastern and Northern Europe and mainly goes into sweet products as well as eye health products because berries contain anthocyanin ingredients. Vaccine angustifolium A wild blueberry and one of the oldest native berries in North America. It grows in harsh climates, resulting in high levels of phenolic compounds and antioxidants, which makes berries suitable for dietary supplements, according to SimRise. Vaccinium corymbosum, A blueberry cultivated in Latin America, has an intense dark purple color. Berries offer sweet taste and low acidity.

“By offering a deep, extensive and highly functional blueberry portfolio, we’re fulfilling consumers’ desire for nutritious and healthy foods,” said Nathalie Richar, Global Health Business Leader, Natural Business Unit, Simrise Food & Beverage.

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