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Dennis Kelly, 42, thinks bugs have returned to his luggage after a six-day break in Benidorm, Spain, to celebrate his friend’s chicken party last week. Vampires can cause blisters on the skin due to insect bites and can last up to a month.

Dennis, a mother from Glasgow, was bitten on the last night of her vacation and fell ill at home on the plane.

He had to drive to a nearby hospital when he landed in Newcastle on Sunday.

Dennis’s nightmare continued when he saw a fly in his house after he opened his suitcase, the Daily Record reports.

He said: “I took a red bite on the holidays but on our last night I felt pain in my leg and later in my other leg.

“On the flight home I felt really sick and had diarrhea.

“When we landed in Newcastle, I picked up my car but my legs were shaking and the bite was swollen.

“I was examined at Hexham Hospital but the bites did not appear to be infected so I moved home to Glasgow.

“When I got home the pain got worse and I had to go to the hospital. I was given antibiotics and I came home to open my case.”

The next day, Dennis notices flies in his living room and believes they must have grown rapidly in his luggage. He continued: “I was sitting on the sofa and I saw something flying by my side quickly, then I took another bite.

“I noticed more of them and started looking online for my symptoms.

“I found a warning for tourists about Spanish blackflies and realized they were everywhere in the house.

“They don’t bite you like mosquitoes, they bite your skin.”

In May, a warning was issued for British tourists planning a trip to Spain about blackflies.

Insects, which can grow up to 6 mm, do not suck quickly but bite in the shape of a saw and create a significant wound, which sometimes leads to infection.

Severe cases can lead to hospitalization and the wounds take about four weeks to heal.

Dennis is in pain from a terrible bite that has turned into a blister. The mother, Jody, 23, Mason, 9, who has ADHD, and lives with Jays, 7, a full-time caring and partially sighted daughter for her two disabled children, was forced to flee the property with her family.

They are now living with family friends until the housing association is able to defraud the property. Dennis is currently treating blister bites with antibiotics, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

He said the stressful situation made him unable to sleep. “I didn’t sleep for two nights just because I was scared,” Dennis said. “They’re terrible.”

“My daughter also has partial vision and my son has ADHD so we were all really stressed about this and had to leave home.

“The bite can take up to four weeks to heal and my leg is in complete pain. Stress can make it worse even when I’m walking.

“I don’t know how they could get into my luggage. I brought some toys for the kids and there was water in them. It was an egg that ‘boiled in the water’. I think flies could lay eggs inside it.”

“We were all terrified.”

George Galvan, general director of the environmental health organization ANECPLA, said the bites could lead to serious infections and even hospitalization.

He told the record that it was possible that the insect eggs could be returned to a toy he had brought home in his suitcase and that the eggs had hatched when he put it in the water.

Wheatley Homes planned to defraud the property on Wednesday after learning of the problem Monday morning.

A spokesman for Wheatley Homes Glasgow said: “The tenant only contacted us yesterday to tell us about these issues.

“We have asked our specialist pest control contractor to prioritize it. They have done a full inspection this afternoon and will return tomorrow to complete the treatment.

“We understand this is a difficult situation for the family and we will continue to maintain close contact and do everything we can to help.”

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