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Bell Sells More 505 Singles into Europe

Bell has signed an agreement to sell seven more 505 light singles in Europe. The deal includes the sale of two helicopters to JB Investment, Poland’s longest-running light aircraft distributor.

“The Bell 505 has become a popular aircraft for European operators in the corporate and VIP markets due to its advanced avionics, customizable cabin and versatility, making it easy for weekend vacations or quick business trips,” said Duncan van de Veld, Bell managing director for Europe.

The five-seater 505 features the Garmin G1000H NXi avionics and the Safran Arrius 2R, 505 shp (take off) engine with dual-channel FedEx. There are more than 360 Bell 505s operating worldwide, 65 of them operating in Europe.

Certified by the FAA in 2017, 505 is gaining popularity as both civilian and military trainers. The 505 is used to train government forces in Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Montenegro and the United Arab Emirates, and Bell recently signed an agreement to sell 40 to be used as trainers by the Army of the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea Navy. It can now be equipped with optional Garmin GFC 600H autopilot with speed stability, height hold and features with a hover support mode.

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