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BEH Claims Dismissed against FlightLevel Aviation

Associate Judge Kathleen Campbell of the Superior Court of Norfolk, Massachusetts County, dismissed Boston Executive Helicopters’ (BEH) counterclaim for alleged intrusion by a flight level aviation fuel truck on January 21st. The ruling is one of several recent actions in Norfolk court between these two FBOs over competing rights to leases, licenses and other areas of access at Norwood Memorial Airport (KOWD) in Massachusetts.

Campbell allowed a temporary injunction to be set “ordering BEH to refrain from interfering with FlightLevel’s rights associated with its fuel farm access.” He added: “There is little doubt that granting this preliminary injunction makes sense to BEH. But in assessing the parity of the dispute, the harm to Flightlevel in terms of its need for access to its fuel farm outweighs the injury to BEH at this time.”

Meanwhile, a special jury earlier this year found FlightLevel liable for several “negligent and willful” actions in 2014 and 2015 “with intent to injure or harm” by “improper business practices resulting in loss of money or property.” Flight Level.” The jury awarded FlightLevel $13,757 in compensatory damages, with other recoveries pending. The lawsuit stemmed from BEH’s 2016 lawsuit against Flight Level and alleged several wrongdoings, all of which were dismissed on summary judgment.

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