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Austrian Foreign and Interior Ministers Visit Ankara –

After Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schlenberg and Interior Minister Gerhard Carner visited Egypt together (Vindobona Report), they are now continuing their joint work tour with a visit to Turkey.

In Ankara, the two met with their respective opponents, Mevlুতt Cavusoglu and Suleiman Soylu. The talks focused on Ukraine’s war-torn food security and illegal immigration as a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Shellenberg also discussed with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlুতt Cavuলlu how the “green corridor” could contribute to the global food crisis.

With the help of this corridor, grains and seeds of Ukraine will be exported from Ukraine by sea. Turkey plays a special role as a mediator which is accepted by both warring parties.

The release of Russia’s grain exports via the Black Sea will go a long way in easing a global food crisis that is getting worse by the day.

Foreign Minister Alexander Schelenberg said: “We support all international efforts to ensure that the export of grain and seeds from Ukraine resumes as soon as possible.

Schelenberg also discussed illegal immigration with his Turkish counterpart. Migration is also on the rise due to the global food crisis as a result of Russia’s war of aggression.

Turkey is one of the EU’s most important partners in the fight against illegal immigration to Europe.

“Immigration pressure on Europe’s external borders has increased dramatically recently. We are only seeing the iceberg of the economic and social consequences of Russia’s brutal aggression on Ukraine. A storm is raging here in North Africa and the Middle East, whose footsteps will soon reach Europe. It is in our interest to do so, “said Foreign Minister Alexander Schellenberg.

Speaking to the Turkish Foreign Minister, Foreign Minister Alexander Schlenberg also paid tribute to Turkey’s role in welcoming refugees: Nearly four million asylum seekers from Syria have found a temporary home in the country in Bosporus. In light of this challenge, Austria and the EU have provided financial assistance to Turkey since 2016.

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