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Austria Supports Ukraine in Reconstruction and Development –

At the High-Level Ukraine Reconstruction Conference in Lugano, about 40 countries and 15 international organizations came together to present a comprehensive plan for Ukraine’s reconstruction and, above all, to send more signals of solidarity in Kiev.

Originally, the conference was to be held as an annual 5th reform conference, where Ukraine could present its reform progress and discuss subsequent reform priorities. However, against the backdrop of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Ukraine and Switzerland have decided to continue the conference jointly, but to shift the priorities to an issue that is more relevant to Ukraine in the current situation.

The Lugano Conference has been renamed the Ukraine Recovery Conference and is moving beyond reform to focus on restructuring. Lugano will have a unique opportunity to present his recovery plan for Ukraine and work with international partners to find the best possible response to the huge challenges ahead.

Austrian Minister of European Affairs Caroline Edstadler was also present. He expressed solidarity with Ukraine and was disappointed by the current events in Ukraine: “What seemed unbelievable has come true: 4 months war in Ukraine. Austria expresses solidarity with Ukraine, we help wherever we can. Austria is supporting Ukraine and especially the victims. States with a total of 80 million euros. “

The dignity of the candidate in Ukraine is an important step

Austria registered more than 78,000 refugees and arranged for their accommodation. In addition, to secure food supplies, arrangements were made to expand ÖBB rail transport for Ukrainian grain exports, which could not be exported by sea before the war due to the blockade of the Ukrainian Black Sea port, Edstadler discussed. .

“So far, 130,000 tons of grain have been transported to Central Europe,” Edstadler said. He added that the Austrian people are also showing great willingness to help and unite in the fight against this aggression.

For example, 42 million euros of personal funds were raised at the time of the last application for a grant. “Support for Ukraine is not in question. Austria will contribute to the recovery, reconstruction and development of Ukraine,” stressed European Minister Edstadler.

In this regard, “deepening the existing and creating new partnerships between the regions” and the implementation of concrete projects were key.

“The status of the Ukrainian and Moldovan candidates is a big step in the right direction, because we need to prevent a spillover in other countries in the region,” said Caroline Edstadler. Therefore, a clear EU perspective is also important for the Western Balkans, he added.

The Western Balkan states should not lag behind in EU integration. Continuing reform efforts in Ukraine must be based on the progress of the EU’s relations with Ukraine. Therefore, “it is essential to continue the reform.” Ukraine has already made progress in various areas – such as in the administration or in the fight against corruption – but this must continue and development funds should not be allowed to “move” to Ukraine.

Thus, the European Minister suggested setting up a “partnership at the agency, special envoy on land or district level” to ensure where the money is. “Only together can we overcome this crisis,” the European minister concluded. On the sidelines of the conference, Caroline Edstadler made several bilateral appointments.

Among others, he met with World Bank Vice-President Anna Bajerde, Ukraine’s Minister for Regional Development and Special Envoy of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Oleksiy Chernyshev, and Turkey’s Deputy Foreign Minister Farouk Kaymaki.

Federal Chancellery of Austria

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