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ATPI Adds Partners in Africa, Middle East

The UK-based travel management company has added four new countries in Africa and the Middle East to its network through ATPI partners, bringing its total network to 76 countries, TMC announced.

In Africa, ATPI is partnering with Monrovia, Liberia-based JOS Travel and Travel, which TMC says will support corporate travel and mining / resource specialization in the company. ATPI has also added Libreville, Gabon-based Omed Voyages Sarl and Kigali, Rwanda-based Rickshaw Travels Rwanda to its network. APTI has already partnered with Rixar Tanzania Operations.

Also, ATPI is partnering with Israel-based Mona Tours Ltd. Rishon Legion, which it says is exclusively for corporate travel customers in Europe and the United States.

Michel Habich, ATPI International Network Director, said in a statement that TMC is adding partners in places that are “important to our global clients in Africa and Europe, especially in the marine and energy industries.”

ATPI has announced that it is replacing existing partners in Japan and Portugal with Tokyo-based Tobu Top Tours and Wide Travel, which has offices in Lisbon and Oporto, and focuses heavily on corporate, maritime and energy travel, according to the TMC.

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